• Road and traffic monitoring through cameras and WVD sensors
  • Public transport monitoring through Smart phone app
  • Traffic management through road & junction monitoring
  • Public convenience kiosks setup at 88 places

Intelligent transport system:
Using of ICT for intelligent transport system and improvement of mobility for entire city which includes

A) Priority bus lanes, bus terminals & bus shelters
Smart Bus shelter includes:

  • Bus information
  • ATM
  • Camera surveillance
  • Routes and navigation
  • Kiosk for citizen services
  • Water dispenser
  • Disability access

B ) Para – transit

  • Battery operated autos
  • Auto-hailing Applications

C) Walkability & Non-motorized transport

  • Footpath
  • Cycle Tracks

Security & E- Governance


Safety & Security

  • Enabled through surveillance cameras and integration with Command center and police
  • Monitoring processions provide alternate routing
  • Ensure surveillance in 50 junctions, 88 bus shelters, 112 identified locations in the area

E- Governance

  • Ensure complete city services transactions through web base and Smart phone apps
  • In a Phased Manner Starting from 36 core services, all 144 services will be Integrated



Smart Water

  • Two Demo zones as Smart Demo Zones
  • Expanded with 24×7 Supply

Smart Electricity

  • Enhance Energy Production- Solar and Wind
  • Efficient Energy Management- UG Cabling & Smart Metering